appartement building

zero-energy collective

Aquaradius is the first zero-energy collective private commissioning project in Europe. The building contains 57 lifecycle-resistant apartments for seniors of age 55+. Because of the high degree of participation by residents, the apartments vary in size and have free floorplans. Besides apartments, the complex houses a shared hobby room, a multipurpose meeting room, and spaces for care and welfare. In addition there are 4 rooms which residents’ visitors can use to stay overnight. They courtyard has a covered atrium which is designed as a garden so residents have to opportunity to garden en grow crops. The solar heat from the atrium is used as a heating source of the apartments and in addition, energy is generated by solar cells on the roof.

Project name Aquaradius
Typology appartement building
Location Hoofddorp, the Netherlands
Time span 2007 - 2016
Status Completed
Size 57 dwellings
Client Aquaradius foundation