ARX is the combination of an international architecture practice and an innovation studio. In this multi-disciplinary think-tank called ARX-labs we research, initiate and develop ideas to benefit a more intelligent way of building. At ARX-architects we design with these ideas to create innovative, sustainable buildings. Through the combination of these offices we are in a unique position to combine hands-on experience with disruptive ideas. Our efforts have resulted into buildings, urban-plans, theoretical research, websites, community projects and products.


At ARX we search for and expand the boundaries of the field. In our work we show the benefits of intelligent, sustainable design not only for our natural environment but also in aesthetic, functional and commercial value. This comes from a shared believe that sustainability is not about sacrifice, but can be a great improvement to our lives.

We believe that great architecture begins with exploring new perspectives.


Our way of working is characterized by an integral approach aimed at innovation, sustainability and circularity. With our in-house engineering department we provide service from initiative to realization. Co-creation is essential in this process which is achieved by use of BIM. In this way we gained extensive experience with collective private commissioning and ‘Design and Build’ contracts.