Startup Campus

university interior

an inspiring campus for young entrepreneurs

The Startup Campus is the entrepreneurial community of the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. They offer programs, events and create a suitable environment with the mission to create tomorrow's leading entrepreneurs. We designed a new campus floor where young, nascent and ambitious entrepreneurs can learn entrepreneurial skills, have a physical place to work and practice, can meet other like minded entrepreneurs, are challenged and, are inspired to grow as a entrepreneur and above all as a person.

core functionality

The major hurdle in the design was to turn the closed, structural core into a serving element. We wrapped this concrete mass with a wooden structure containing most of the floor’s utilities like storages, copy-machines, meeting places, a phone booth and (fire-)installations. By clustering these functions in the heart of the floorplan the surrounding spaces could be designed with full transparency.

Project name Startup Campus
Typology Educational interior design
Location Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Time span July 2013 - March 2014
Status Built
Size 1700 SQM
Client Erasmus Center for Entrepreneurship
Collaboration Studio Olduvai Gorge