cultural center

monumental addition

The Gasthuiskerk is a monumental church which has its origin around 1340 as a guest house. Since 1735, the building is used for the services of the Evangelical Lutheran Church. The church is a recognizable place within the old town of Doesburg. To maintain the building and to bring the community of Doesburg together, two glass volumes were added to the building. One is a recognizable and transparant entrance area on the Paardenmarkt, the other a glass lobby on the side of the court which allow for multipurpose use with respect to the monument. In the old monument modern amenities are ingeniously invisible concealed. This makes the building ideal for cultural events in the broadest sense of the word.

Project name Gasthuiskerk
Typology cultural center
Location Doesburg, The Netherlands
Time span 2010 - 2013
Status Completed
Size 437 SQM
Client Gecommiteerden
Collaboration Jorissen Simonetti Architecten