de Ank

sailing club

bow at the IJssel river

De Ank is the new accommodation for a watersport society in Doetinchem. The ‘body’ of the building is designed as a wooden structure and refers to ship-building. Materials such as steel, glass and oak fit well within this theme. The building blends into its environment by its appearance and by engaging with appealing sight lines. The building houses a classroom, an office for the harbor master a cafeteria and a meeting room. A flexible wall between the classroom and the cafetaria makes it possible to combine the two. The ‘bow’ of the building is targeted at the river IJssel and brings peace to the building while the open back with the terrace fits in with the atmosphere of the harbor.

Project name de Ank
Typology sailing club
Location Doetinchem, the Netherlands
Time span 2005 - 2012
Status Completed
Size 210 SQM
Client WSV de Ank