Healthy Garden

shopping mall

China blue

The owner’s wish to make an eye-catcher in its surroundings led to a facelift of this Hong Kong shopping mall. Therefore its entrances were redesigned into open and attractive corners that welcome pedestrians into its interior, attracting the attention of motorists driving down the Man Hong Street highway, by the use glass façades which incorporate pot plants. Also “The Dutch Touch” was introduced, that links Dutch traditions with those of China. The Delft Blue pottery that decorated Dutch interiors for centuries and gave The Netherlands an international reputation, was once imported from China. Purpose was to bring this Delft Blue pottery back to China and combine this with a typical Chinese material: bamboo. The floral pattern of bamboo can be used in all sorts of ways: in building materials, as decorations and as plants. Presentation screens were placed to inform visitors about the stores. The routes to these stores are marked by tile patterns with Delft Blue pottery on floors, walls and columns. Routes are also decorated with bamboo materials. A huge amount of effort was put into transforming this mall into a tempting building, both in its interior and exterior appearances.

Project name Healty Garden
Typology shopping mall
Location Hong Kong, China
Time span 2010
Status on hold
Size 1600 SQM
Collaboration NEXIT architecten